Real Estate

Silverleaf and its principal’s holding companies have been investing in real estate for over three decades. Our equity capital is typically between $1 to 5 Million in equity. Where total capitalization has exceeded $20 Million, we have sourced debt for projects and/or brought in like minded investors to co-invest with us on a promote-free basis.

We back experienced real estate developers with an established track record and whose compensation comes from the success of the investment and not in the form of fees. Finally, our developer partners must contribute north of 20% of the equity in a given venture.

In particular we favor real estate investments in “early” markets where established funds have no presence and returns profiles are robust. If we are participating in the majority if the equity we require a majority of control, yet at the same time our sponsors are empowered to manage the to the project’s plans and objectives.

Private Equity

Our principal’s business understanding comes from the day to day management of an operating company that grew from 5 employees to five thousand over the course of fifty years. As a result we understand the various business cycles from start-ups to mature pre-IPO companies earning $250 Million in revenues or more. We feel this heritage makes us well suited as investor-partners along side entrepreneurs who are for looking growth capital and a hands-on co-investment relationship.

If you have a business that is cash flow positive and are looking for growth capital of $250K to up to $5 Million in equity, we would be open to a discussion. While we will never profess to be an expert in all businesses, we require that Silverleaf has a fundamental influence on the businesses invest in. We aim to manage risk and accelerate growth to benefit the business, its customers and shareholders alike.

If you wish to contact us, please send a one page business investment summary to info silverleafcg com and we will respond within 72 hours.